Match Reports - Round 1

1st XI  

The 1s kicked off the new season with a match up against Sacred Heart down at Cordner. A minutes silence was observed for the tragic loss of a Hearters player over the preseason and then season 13/14 was underway. 
Shielly contributed in the only way he knows how, by losing the toss, and happily sat back and watched Francois thoroughly obliterate the Hearters attack all over Cordner. Devo came and went early, but TB had a pleasant Saturday afternoon watching Franny demonstrate clean heating (and the ability to play a cut shot prior to xmas) as he contributed 21 to quickfire hundred run partnership.

TB departed, and the Hearters were able to string together the wickets as 200 suddenly looked out of reach on a quick Cordner. The middle and lower order came and went and still Francois was scoring runs despite what was surmised to be acute vitamin C deficiency. Bensey propped up the quick wickets and the two South Africans pushed the score along to 219, a big ask for a depleted Sacred Heart. A brilliant knock by Francois who carried his bat for his maiden ton and mammoth 141*. Bense with 22 not out was crucial in setting a target beyond the reach of Sacred Heart. 
Greeny and Loits opened up the bowling, and Greeny struck first bowling some excellent heat. More slips were added (Bensey however was keener for 3rd man rather than 3rd slip) but responsible batting joined with the occasional hoik brought Sacred Heart within the required run rate. Shielly turned to Malinga and Jeff "Not that Adrian bloke" Dent who took the key wickets in the middle order before Greeny returned with the some well directed short stuff at batsmen silly enough not to wear helmets. 
The game petered out with Sacred Heart ending up on 137 with a solid performance by the Parkers in the field. The 1s know they will have to step it up however against a strong Burnley side next round.  

2nd XI

2s started their #medals2014 campaign on a cracking Walker East deck, against Eastern Flow.  Toss won. New pill to Evo. Game on. Partnered with Nic Adams (aka Fuji...jury still out on that one), the pressure was heaped on AuntFlow early, and Evo snared the first wicket with assistance from the cordon (Evo: 1-10 off 6; Fuji: 1-9 off 5).  From there the wickets came regularly, thanks to superb bowling and sensational fielding; highlights include Ali at gully (squash in the off-season) and Kesh at cover (not as much squash in the off-season). Shenal provided heat at first change (0-21 off 7 straight), and Miss Viss (paying $1.70 in Race 3) was the pick of the bowlers.  After getting spanked for 7 off his first over (which was, frankly, a tad short), he notched up: maiden, wicket maiden, maiden, wicket maiden.  As a result he was pulled (2-7 off 5 for those who can't count). Brown snuck into the bowling line up (3-9 off 4), and Ubolt finished the job nicely (3-18 off 7 - and is poised for a hat-trick round two).
Batting wasn't quite as awesome.  Highlights of the top order include Shenal's zac in the second over...and..... not much else.  Bevo was looking tidy until he felt the need to cut (see previous season's pre-Christmas) and suddenly things were looking dicey at 4 for not much. Cue Ali and Kesh who showed everyone how to bat (27* and 28*). Head down, wait till you're set, see off the opening bowlers, then settle in and spank the loose ones - target reached in 26 overs. Thanks for coming. Plenty of things to work on for the top order, but all in all a good start to the season and fun day had by all.
Big props to GI for sub-fielding for the start of the game; to Greeny, GG and TMac who helped with the covers on Fri night when they should've been at the pub; and to all the lads that came to watch.  That’s what's club cricket is about - thanks fellas.

3rd XI

The 3's headed to Falkner Park 5 to play Burnley for the start of the 2013/14 season, and also to send DJ off to Adelaide with one last game for the Wombats. Winning the toss, GG asked to have a bowl on a greenish looking track.
Gonz and Cal had their openers in all sorts early on and the number of skied chances that fell 5-10m from fielders became laughable. Somehow they got to 41 before Gonz induced an egde and the skip held on at 1st slip after Pops deflected it into the midriff. DJ replaced Cal and bowled with excellent control with some big hooping in swingers and getting the edge to Pops with the straight one to get rid of the other opener. 
Rishi was brought on for a couple of overs before drinks and another edge was taken at 1st by GG to reel Burnley in to 3-55 (ish) at Drinks. Drinks caused a bit of an issue when Bense Jnr was seen trying to pop one of Pop's fingers back into place, an injury he'd picked up 10 overs prior!! Dispatched to the Alfred, GG took the gloves for the rest of the game. Rishi bowled their captain straight after drinks and the rest of the overs went as expected with Burnley upping the scoring rate. Gonz (1/23) and DJ (1/17) bowled out their overs and Cal (0/23) was brought back early to try and blow a hole in the middle order, which didn't happen - more of a puff than a gale. GI picked up another wicket thanks to Sub fielder Bense taking a skier and they cleared the ropes a bit to dent Rishi's figures (2/34) to finish up 5/162.
Tea was doughy - nuff said. GG and Rhino took to the crease in reply and lost the skip early after cutting straight to point (yes I did Bev, but it wasn't 1st slip...). Rode got a good one for a good looking dive into the duck pond to allow Hancock to the crease. After dispatching a couple of cracking drives including a 6, Glenn skewed one to point for 20 and we were in some trouble. Brodie entered and scampered between the wickets, was nearly involved in 2 run outs and departed for 3. At drinks we were 4-60 (ish) so on track and with GI and Rhino at the crease, we were still in the mix. Ryan was given out LBW (we think) for 18 (from 25 overs), Pops (1) and Gonz (4) soon followed. Cal (4) entered the fray and premeditated a number of forward defence shots until he edged one but close enough to the pads that the Umpire raised the finger for LBW. Poor decision - poor reaction and the Kookaburra Award took a bit of a backward step. 
At this stage we were in all sorts at 8/108 and DJ joined GI. These two batted excellently with Greg taking the lead and DJ reminiscent of Graham Thorpe in his pomp putting on 47 for the 9th wicket including GI reaching his 50. GI cleared the ropes a couple of times and we were down to needing 9 off the last over. Sadly GI got cleaned up first ball for a crucial 57 and without this innings we'd have been well short. A few scampered singles resulted in us finishing 4 runs short with DJ 17* and Rish 3* to secure 1 point for not getting bowled out (new points system being trialled this season in B Grade). We made a poor team look OK and have some work to do in the fielding department and application at the top of the list.

4th XI

The fours kicked off their season against Barnies at Walker East on Sunday. The track was expected to play well despite the early season conditions and that proved to be the case after the skipper won the toss and elected to have a bat. Club stalwart Shane and newcomer Amit opened up and put on an excellent 71 for the first wicket before Amit was given LBW for 37. Shane continued to tick over the strike while debutante Sam slapped some glorious shots to the boundary. His luck ran out when Shaneo burned him for 42. Shane contributed a solid 67 and nice contributions were made by Ben, Billy and Chris Hargreaves. The fours finished up 213 for five off the 45 overs.
Newbies Amit and Sam took the new ball and got the second stanza off to a ripping start. Amit peppered the poles, taking regular wickets and kept Barnies on the backfoot from the beginning. He bowled a sensational spell and finished up with a jar worthy 6-13 off eight. This included the prized wicket of GWH for a globe [editors note: GWH: b. Amit, c. you guessed it…M.Dalton]. Barnies were all out for 53 in an excellent start to the season for the fours. May the fours be with you.

5th XI

The 5's travelled to East Malvern to play the defending champions at their home turf. Playing with what must be near a record initially 5 and then 6 debutants it was always going to be an interesting game, after getting a late ring in. Sending East Malvern in things started slowly for Parkville with the first wicket falling to debutant D.Roffey to a bizzare case of hit wicket in the 10th over. Kamal came on and struck early in his spell to remove the other opener 2/49. It was 3/79 with another debutant wicket to R.Ryan. Kamal struck again before Taffy swapped the gloves with Dave and gave the keeper a bowl. Starting with mediums and getting politely dispatched he changed to spin with great results and a wicket. On a quick ground we were set 201 for victory.
Pick of the bowling figures was Kamal 2-24, Dave R 1-22 and R.Ryan 1-35 off there 9 overs. Kristian and Dave both did brilliant jobs but were a little unlucky to cop a bit of stick from two well set batsmen.
Opening the chase with Steve and the Sheriff things got off to steady start until Peter was caught behind with the score on 15 in the 8th over. Steve batted on before getting one that stayed low and it was 2-37. We didn't really get going after this with only Rob (13) and Dave (a dashing 44 and last man out for his 17th time in the 40's) putting up serious resistance.
We ended up all out for 95 off 35 overs, while a 100 run loss may seem bad on paper some simple improvements in fielding and little more net time would have made it a much closer game on such a fast ground.

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