Match Reports - Round 3a

4th XI

The 4s travelled to Fawkner to take on MCA newcomers Melb Premier Cricket League. After losing the toss and being put into the field with only 9 players, it was quickly evident that Big Bash League would have been a more appropriate name, as their openers took the long handle to anything remotely constructed of red leather. Eventually good bowling got it’s due reward as Legs (toofa) and Gonz (wunfa) worked into the middle order. Gary Groundwork bowled a great spell to collect a couple of wickets, while Weels and Dave Roffey chimed in with one each before the latter pinged a hammy. MPCL found one batsman to stick around long enough to get a rapid 50 as wickets fell regularly, before Redwan (aka Jelly Bean) came on to mop up the tail - in the absence of Mac Dalton - finishing with threefa. 113 was a great result delivered by an even bowling performance & some handy glovework by Taffy, given the players missing.

Opening with Harpreet & Dave, a slow but steady start ended with 2 wickets before tea.  Taff & Gonz then put on a few before some great/flukey catches left the Wombats teetering at 5 for thirty something.  Weels and Al Turnbull came together to steady the ship, Al playing some attacking cricket before falling for 23. Soon after at 7/70-odd the boys on the sidelines were starting to pack their bags but in a great display of defiance Weels and Jelly Bean but on a terrific partnership for the 8th & final wicket that had the opposition chewing their fingernails as the runs & byes flowed (with a very busy backstop in place).  Our luck wouldn’t hold out though, rolled for an even hundred with Weels stranded after an inspirational 25* and surely in line for a promotion up the order.  A fantastic effort given the circumstances; the thirteen run margin literally & figuratively a numerically-driven result.

5th XI

The 5s this week were at Brens hosting Bentleigh, who were also searching for their first win of the season.

Bentleigh won the toss and decided to have a bat, so we ended up getting our wish of bowl first anyway. Opening up with Dungy and Geoff, Bentleigh got away to a bit of quick start thanks to one opener swinging at everything regardless of whether it was a good ball or not, with the other opener doing not much. Bringing on Smithy got the slogger rushing on a shot and skied a catch to have them 1/40 after 10. The runs dried up after that and two quick wickets to catches off Kamal and another wicket to Smithy had them 4/51 and us right back in the game. Bentleigh then put together a partnership before Gus (2/11 off 4) got two wickets with balls that stayed low. Bentleigh threatened to build another partnership before tight bowling paid off and we took the last 4 wickets for just 4 runs to bowl them out for 138 in the 42nd over. Great pressure in the field and tight bowling all day meant Bentleigh fell short of the sort of target they were aiming for, with standout spells from Dungy (1/12 off 6), Smithy (2/18 off 9), Rob (2/22 off 6) and Kamal (3/20 off 9).

For the chase we opened up with Gus and Dave and started brightly before Gus hit one straight to cover (1/14). Geoff and Dave then put the pressure back on Bentleigh with great batting and running between the wickets before Dave fell for a well made 36 to leave us 2/49 after 11. Smithy and Daino fell soon after to leave the game delicately poised at 4/74 after 19. Steve and Geoff then settled in and took the game away from them putting on 37 before Geoff fell for a solid 26. Rob (20 n.o.) and Steve (39 n.o.) got us across the line with 7 overs and 5 wickets remaining for a comfortable win. Great batting the whole way through meant we were always ahead of the game and putting pressure on the fielding side, giving us our first win for the season. Great effort by everyone on the day.

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